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New York General Consulting was established in 2003 providing international students ESL courses and test preparation courses to meet their personal, academic and professional needs. As a Licensed Private Career School approved to offer ESL courses designed for students who want to learn English or further their language skills in practical areas of study such as Business English or American Culture. Our experienced teachers understand the specific challenges that students face while learning English and work together with students to develop strong communication skills. This method of student-centered interaction makes our English courses both exciting and rewarding, with quick progression, helping students pursue professional goals with more confidence and the necessary skills to succeed. As a SEVP certified school, NYGC is licensed by the New York State Education Department and accredited by ACCET whereby we are committed to a partnership of quality in providing excellence in the field of ESL and beyond.


1. What is financial certification?
2. What documents are required to apply?
3. What is the deadline for applying?
4. How do I make payments?
5. How do I get a student visa?
6. How do I get an I-20?

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