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Our courses are uniquely designed to meet the ongoing demands today's English language learners. NYGC offers a wide range of courses to help students meet their individual professional, academic, and personal goals.*
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Did you know that English is the third most spoken language on the planet?  How would you like to be able to speak to that many people?  This course is designed to give you the ABC’s of English.  It is for someone who has never taken English and will teach the basics to the beginners.

  • Learn the alphabet, basic vocabulary, and sentences
  • Will build the skills needed to learn English in more advanced courses
  • Easygoing learning environment


The course will help students improve English language skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing for everyday adult situations and essential family, social, and professional purposes.

  • Develop vocabulary relevant to everyday adult family, social, and professional life
  • Introduce past and future tenses of verbs and maintain present tense verb usage
  • Enhance students’ ability to comprehend and interpret short reading passages
  • Develop students’ ability to communicate effectively
  • Enable students to engage in conversations using basic English language structures


The key focus of this course is to have students begin to communicate fluently.  Phrases and statements that will help them navigate life in the United States and New York City.  Students will become more familiar with the culture of the city and life in America. 

  • Basic grammar and writing reinforced and built upon
  • Focused teacher interaction and coaching
  • Practicing speech skills in a supportive environment.


Refine your reading, writing, listening and conversational skills for the purpose of participating in everyday adult situations.  This course will integrate language skills with an emphasis on improving English proficiency and understanding of American culture.

  • Continues building skills first learned in ESL II
  • Oral communication practice and skill development
  • Make direct and indirect requests
  • Describe important life events and their consequences


Students will use high-intermediate to advanced English language skills to engage in speaking, listening, writing, and reading tasks applicable to professional, personal, and academic life.

  • Hold classroom discussions
  • Create dialogs
  • Complete written compositions
  • Listen to conversations and lectures regarding current events, cultural values, personal views, and other aspects of contemporary life


This course supports speaking, listening, and reading skills that amount to a highly nuanced, near-fluent command of the English language for the purpose of participating in everyday adult situations, as well as academic and professional contexts.

  • Current events and relevant topics help achieve learning goals
  • Strengthen grammar and vocal skills through practice
  • Build on your own past life experiences to improve your future ones

*All courses may not be offered all semesters depending on enrollment. For a complete list of courses currently in session, please contact the school directly. (1-212-268-6262)

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