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Our programs are uniquely designed to meet the ongoing demands today's English language learners. NYGC offers a wide range of courses to help students meet their individual professional, academic, and personal goals.*


Writing a college essay is not easy, and colleges will be very strict with their rules and their grading.  Without knowing the rules to writing a proper college level essay, there is very little chance of graduating.  Advanced writing will teach you the fundamentals of the college essay including an accurate thesis statement, proper essay structure, supporting information, topic focus, and citation rules.

  • Practice writing a variety of college level essays
  • Learn the proper structure and focus of a well organized research paper
  • Word processor skill development

Ever had to repeat yourself when giving directions to a cab?  Or repeat your name when ordering a coffee at a Starbucks?  This class will help you sound more American by teaching you how to properly pronounce American English.

  • Pronunciation drills
  • Vocal training
  • Practice situations and phrases
  • Interesting speaking games and activities

What makes a person an American?  Who founded the country and shaped its people’s attitudes and culture?  What are the similarities and differences between American culture and your own?  If you’ve asked yourself these questions and others, American Culture is right for you.  This course takes you through the history of the United States of America and gives you an accurate look at not only what American Culture is, but why.

  • Comprehensive University level study and note taking skills developed
  • Advanced audio and visually enhanced instruction
  • Lecture style learning environment
  • World events discussed with a focus on different cultural reactions

Master English grammar and syntax in this accelerated program designed to help you successfully negotiate professional and socio-cultural interactions in an English language environment.  Build a strong foundation for your speaking skills and learn to speak with proper English grammar.  This course aims to equip students with grammatical tools to communicate wishes, ideas, opinions, and feelings with precision and accuracy.

  • Group activities for developing confidence
  • Interactive classroom worksheets
  • Focused teacher interaction and coaching
  • Improved confidence in personal communication

Speaking in front of an audience can seem like a difficult and scary task.  This course aims to develop spoken communication skills needed for post-secondary education, vocational work, and/or American life. Gain the advantage over your audience with proper training and technique.

  • Train to be more comfortable with formal and informal dialog
  • Improvisation and drama communication games
  • Learn from the masters with audio and visual speeches given by the best
  • Write speeches and deliver them to an audience

Continue building on the skills learned in socializing.  This course will allow you to really flex your conversational muscle and have deeper and more meaningful conversations with Americans and ESL speakers alike.

  • Comfortable and easygoing learning environment
  • Community style advanced discussions about relevent current events
  • Get more personal with conversations and express yourself properly

*All courses may not be offered all semesters depending on enrollment. For a complete list of courses currently in session, please contact the school directly. (1-212-268-6262)


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