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The mission of New York General Consulting is to educate a diverse international student population through innovative and accommodating ESL programs and test preparation courses for their personal, academic and professional needs.

NYGC faculty and stuff are highly qualified and dedicated to professionalism and institutional integrity in a student-centered, culturally supportive environment to enhance student achievement.

INNOVATIVE - Creative teaching methods that engage the students CULTURALLY DIVERSE - Students from approximately 30 countries STUDENT-CENTERED - Instructions based on student needs and desires ENGAGING - Insightful teachers that instruct in a fun atmosphere

NYGC goals are to deliver outstanding, measurable, and ever-improving training to its students; to improve all facets of our operations via accreditation; to create positive, meaningful experience for staff and students; and to maintain growth and increase revenue. These goals are comprehensive and incorporate enrollment and revenue growth, student progression, performance and satisfaction.  The goals are designed to support the mission and include but are not limited to the following:

  • Provide quality educational language courses that meet the needs and expectations of our students by offering engaging and interactive courses with well-designed curricula, syllabi, and lesson plans;
  • Use varied instructional resources to enhance learning and improve student performance by providing audio-visual-based activities, such as audio CD, DVD, computer technology, and comprehensive lesson plans;
  • Foster clear and open communication with faculty and the student body by eliciting formal (via surveys and meetings) and informal (via daily interactions) feedback so that NYGC ensures that its students’ needs are being met;
  • Cater to the community’s diverse student needs by providing language courses of different intensity, duration, and schedules;
  • Practice equitable student assessment that is commensurate with the course’s objectives and students’ level of proficiency by utilizing appropriate midterm and final exams and other evaluative tools that identify and demonstrate student progress, while formally recognizing other instruments of evaluation, such as student performance, participation, homework tests/quizzes, and assignment completion throughout each course;
  • Streamline and improve enrollment procedures and practices, while maintaining an ethical admissions process. Attract more students and continue to provide services that advance the institution;
  • Comply with SEVP student visa regulations by carrying out our monitoring and tracking system to strategically and responsibly promote student growth;
  • Comply with New York State Education Law and Commissioner's Regulations;
  • Employ qualified instructors and support their professional growth by contributing to their development plan so as to ensure high teaching standards and improved student outcomes;
  • Maintain ethical financial management and ensure compliance with all federal SEVP and NY BPSS state fiscal regulations by ensuring proper bookkeeping and accountability and employing external accounting services to ensure accurate balance sheets;
  • Comply with all ACCET standards and maintain a partnership of quality.

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