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American Museum of Natural History - Monday
Instructor Beata Dolina took her ESL-3 class students to American Museum of Natural History on a Monday. The institution sponsored this field trip.

American Museum of Natural History
To combine real life language practice with cultural education, NYGC's students were treated to a field trip to New York's famous Museum of Natural History. Guided by one of NYGC's experienced teachers, students were impressed by the Museum's diverse wildlife displays, planetarium, and IMAX documentary. Students were awed by the butterfly atrium, an opportunity to learn first hand about the ephemeral lives of these beautiful insects. Later, students practiced written English with descriptive essays about everything they learned through their educational adventure.

Asia de Cuba
New York offers a wide variety of unique opportunities such as restaurant week, a week in which famous high-end restaurants offer their excellent cuisine at accessible set menu prices. NYGC's students were given a real treat with an all expense paid dinner at New York's famous Asia de Cuba. This outing provided students with an opportunity for relaxation concluding a month of hard work. Cultural conversations were exchanged over fine food at this fabulous fusion restaurant.

Bryant Park Summer Film Festival
NYGC coordinated a picnic and outdoor movie at Bryant Park for its students. In an attempt to promote a proactive method of socializing, NYGC teachers prepared ice-breaker games and group activities. Students were given the opportunity to make new friends from NYGC. The night ended with a movie under the stars.

Empires State Building
Students began their experience at NYGC with a trip to New York's iconic Empire State Building. Peering down on this great city from 1,050 feet on a bright sunny day, students were introduced to their new city, classmates, and teachers. After exploring New York from the sky, students and teachers concluded their adventure by sharing dreams and sandwiches at a local deli.

Halloween Celebration
NYGC students were introduced to a typical American Halloween celebration. Students were invited to come to school in costume and participate in common Halloween games, stories, and exchange treats. They were also given the opportunity to carve their own pumpkins!!

Holiday Party
NYGC celebrated the holiday season by facilitating a cultural exchange party for its students. International students and teachers commemorated the holiday season by introducing their own cultural practices through food, games, music and storytelling.

NYGC Halloween 2017
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Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey
A group of ESL Level 1 international students were treated to a trip to Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus at Madison Square Garden. The students were big fans of the circus and had never experienced one in the United States. It was an exciting day for all!

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