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Nelson Castro

Hello, my name is Nelson Castro and I am an instructor at New York General Consulting.
I earned my bachelor’s degree at UCLA and my master’s degree at Columbia University in
Higher Education. I have worked in the ESL educational field for over 10 years. In my 10 years of experience in the field, I have worked with a diverse set of students. I manage my classroom with cultural sensitivity in order to encourage student’s participation and learning. I am a fluid teacher and always mold my classes to better serve the students in my classes. I am an energetic, passionate and very personable instructor. I hope to see you in my classes in the future!

Katie Danyo

Originally from New Jersey, I graduated with a B.A. in Political Science from UC, Berkeley, primarily focusing on International Development and Transitioning Democracies. While in college,
I studied abroad in Paris and interned at Human Rights Watch in Washington, DC. After graduation, I volunteer taught ESL in rural China. Other places I have taught include Los Angeles, Madrid, Guatemala, and New York.

Renata Planas

My name is Renata Planas and I’m an ESL teacher. I have a strong passion for what I do and
it is conveyed through my teaching style, thus making the students feel comfortable and secure
in my classroom. I try to make the class lessons as fun, interesting, and dynamic as possible.
I always push students to use their speaking skills in and out of school. I also encourage them
to seek advice or help from a teacher when they don’t understand something at work or in their daily activities.

Allyson Paty

Allyson Paty graduated Magna Cum Laude from New York University in 2009 with an interdisciplinary degree in literature, performance, and cultural theory. She began teaching English in a theater program for international high school students. She has taught English and literacy at a refugee resettlement center, led creative writing workshops at a pediatric hospital, worked as a private tutor, and served as editor to an annual anthology of writing from over 40 adult education centers citywide. She returned to NYU in 2012 for an MFA in poetry.

Kentucky Parkis

Kentucky Parkis graduated from U. Miami with a degree in Jazz Education and a minor in English. She went on to Cambridge CELTA training for ESL. She also trained with the Miami Dade Public School ESL program. She has taught for 13 years in the Public School system and 3 years in Florida and 5 years in NYC teaching ESL KEntucky's training as a musician has added a dose of fun and the zaniness of her style make Kentucky popular among students!

Deborah Block

I currently teach ESL 4 and ESL 5. I hold a Masters in Education from Teacher's College, Columbia University. I've had many years of experience teaching students from different ethnic backgrounds in New York City and have also worked as reviewer of children's books for an
academic publication. I have a passion for the learning process -- I enjoy helping my students develop the skills that empower them to accomplish their goals.

Kristi Goldade

Kristi Goldade began teaching in 2002, when as a high school student, she got the idea to offer piano lessons from her family home. After a particularly melodic spring recital, she realized teaching was her true calling. Since then she has been an art instructor in the Pocono
Mountains, an ESL tutor for the Citizenship Test at the Jane Addams School for Democracy,
a Peace Corps TEFL volunteer at a secondary school in Ukraine, a writing mentor with Girls
Write Now and today, an English and TOEFL Writing instructor at NYGC. She loves meeting
students from around the world and helping them develop their skills. Her outside interests include cooking, fiction/non-fiction, independent radio, music and yoga.

Lindsey Ganslow

Hello! My name is Lindsey Ganslow. I was first introduced to English Language Learners during my undergraduate studies, working closely with a refugee population. My love for traveling and multicultural communities has taken me to Italy, Tanzania, and New York City. I am currently
a graduate student at the New School and an ESL/Public Speaking teacher at NYGC. I take
a communicative approach to teaching, inviting students to share their personal experiences, beliefs, and opinions on topics relevant to current events and their personal lives. I strive to incorporate and strengthen the variety of skills students need inside and outside of the classroom. Teaching is a passion of mine and I enjoy sharing that with the NYGC community.

Allison Blechman

I studied Communication at the University of Maryland and ran off to Argentina as soon as I got my bachelor's degree. I knew that I wanted to experience another part of the world and immerse myself in a foreign culture before getting a "real job". I started teaching ESL to buessinessmen and women and loved it every minute of it. When I got back to New York I realized I'd already found my real job, and I didn't want to stop doing it. I started to teach at a language school in Manhattan, educating young adults from all over the world. Teaching ESL in New York has allowed me to meet hundreds of creative, intelligent, and diverse people. Each day in the classroom is
a unique, rewarding experience and I have my students to thank!

Peter Chun

I graduated from University of Virginia, one of the top public schools known for its rigorous reading and writing curriculum, with degrees in economics, sociology, and unofficially, in politics. I have been teaching TOEFL for 4 years now and the passion for education and interaction inside the classroom continues to be as strong as ever. My personal conviction is to change this world for the better through legal, educational, or any other societal means until the impact seems justifiably concrete. I always look forward to meeting new students to hear their own stories, motivation, and career plans in hopes of assisting them with the knowledge I possess not only as an educator, but also as a companion traveling alongside through the intricacies of life.

Paul Choi

I hold a Bachelors of Arts degree in economics, from the State University of New York at Binghamton. There, I studied advanced macroeconomics and econometrics. With articulate and well-versed attributes, I possess the ability to help students improve their pronunciation, diction, and intonation patterns in spoken English. My desire as an instructor is to motivate each student in attaining their goals, as well as to incorporate ESL/TOEFL knowledge in the classroom environment. I believe that every student can overcome English language barriers provided the proper training.

Lisa Moon

My name is Lisa Moon. I graduated from Alliance Theological Seminary with a Masters in bible and theology in 2009. I also graduated from Queens College with a double major in Education and Sociology. I taught ESL and TOEFL in Korea for 2 years. I have been teaching TOEFL for the past 4 years. I believe that my experience in Korea has helped me to be always patient and understanding with the weaker students in English and spend extra time with them to bring them up to speed with the rest of the class. All my classes are developed as student-centered and I highly encourage my students to be active learners. I have created a positive learning environment based on mutual respect. My students feel secured in my classroom due to my teaching methods. It is so fantastic to work.

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