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Deborah Block

Deborah holds a Master's in Education from Teacher's College, Columbia University, as well as her ESL teaching certificate. She has many years of experience teaching students from different ethnic backgrounds in New York City and she has also worked as a reviewer of children's books for an academic publication. Deborah has a passion for the learning process and she enjoys helping her students develop the skills that empower them to accomplish their goals.

Joseph Canaday

Joseph graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder and holds a B.A. in American Studies. He has worked in the ESL industry since the year 2000 and has delivered ESL lessons in Tokyo, Shanghai, Daegu, and New York City. Mr Canaday received his ESL certification in New York and also has fond memories of living in Shanghai China from where he made the city his home for nearly 6 years. He believes a key element to teaching ESL in the classroom is to empower all his students to realize that they all can speak the English Language contrary to their most acute inhibitions. In his free time outside of the classroom, Joseph's enjoys creating digital music videos on his computer, in addition to mixing rare house mp3s on his computer.

Paul Choi

Paul holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from SUNY at Binghamton with an emphasis in Advanced Macroeconomics and Econometrics. He holds his certificate in ESL and has also completed the intensive CELTA teacher training program. Paul’s desire as an instructor is to motivate each student in attaining their goals and expand each student’s knowledge of cultural diversity and how to use communication through the English language to meet the dynamics within our society.

Beata Dolina

Beata has an M.A. in TESOL from NYU, and she has received her doctorate (Ed.D) in the field of Language, Literacy and Culture in UMass, Amherst. She has taught English to adult and college international students in NYC and Incheon, South Korea. She is a strong public speaker and is determined to teach every student in her classes.

Adam Ellenberg

Adam holds a Master of Arts in TESOL from Adelphi University and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Spanish from SUNY Oneonta. He considers himself a facilitator who gains a lot of rewards working with individuals, particularly those with special needs and purposes. In 2009, Adam and other NYC adult literacy teachers shared health lessons which can be seen on Literacy Assistance Center website. He currently uses TV programming to address immigrant issues and gains satisfaction when students take an active approach to learning a second language.

Natalie Graham

Natalie holds a combined Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Teaching ESL from Kiev State Linguistic University, Kiev, Ukraine and a permanent ESL Teacher License issued by New York State Education Department. Prior to coming to NYGC, Natalie taught ESL at a number of New York City career schools including New York Institute of English and Business. All in all, she has been teaching ESL in NYC for twenty years. Natalie tries her best to implement new multi-level strategies and techniques in the field of ESL adult education on an ongoing basis.She believes it's paramount for teaching a culturally diverse student audience.

Stephen McCann

Stephen McCann is a CELTA qualified teacher and has been teaching full time for three years. His undergrad is in English literature with Theatre Studies.  He is a qualified rock climber and Kayaker and has run his own business in Ireland taking ESL students on adventure trips.

Stephen came to New York to pursue his love of acting. He is a dedicated performer as well as a teacher and brings passion and commitment to his teaching.

David Solar

David has been teaching ESL ever since getting his M.Phil in East Asian Languages from Yale University in 2000. He is also an accomplished musician, with a license to teach Japanese shakuhachi. As a result, he likes helping students to hear the music in the English language, and to use their acquired skills in an expressive, dynamic way. He enjoys using his knowledge of other languages to help explain English to his students, and takes every opportunity to learn from them in turn.

James Mehr

James graduated from Wesleyan University with a Bachelors in Education. In 2010, he received his CELTA certification and has taught at various institutions. He has been teaching adult ESL for over three years and is proficient in test preparation such as TOEFL, FCE, and SAT verbal/writing. He is committed to a student-based approach to teaching and seeks to engage his students with various group activities.

Lisa Moon

Lisa completed her Bachelor’s degree at Queens College with a double major in Education and Sociology and received her Master’s in Bible and Theology from Alliance Theological Seminary. She holds her CELTA and ESL certificates as well. Lisa taught in Korea for 2 years and has over 4 years of TOEFL teaching experience in the US. Lisa’s classes are student-centered, encouraging all her students to be active learners.

Mireille Merza

Mireille Merza, is pursuing her Masters Degree in TESOL Education at City College of New York. She has a bachelors degree in Sociology from Marymount Manhattan College. She has worked with ESL students in South Korea and NYC since 2009. She believes that everyone has something unique to teach and learn, and indeed she experiences this in every class! Teachers and students form an organic whole that is far greater than the sum of its parts.

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